Our Story


When I was a child, my Mom and Dad would always make me my favorite clam chowder soup, it was a wintertime classic. Then soon as the Dungeness Crab crab season would start.  We would head down to Botchies Crab stand in Feilds Landing and get fresh Dungeness Crab right out of the pot, so I developed a keen taste for good seafood!  Then with my Mom going into to town to purchase fresh french bread straight from the local baker.

Nothing was better, but soon it was my time to make my own in this world, with those memories as my motivators as a young adult I started to make my own clam chowder.  With many self taught lessons along the way, I would try different fresh ingredients until I found the perfect clam chowder recipe.  You could say I’m a bit of a chowder fanatic and am proud to cook you my special soup anytime!